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Aria 2 piece set

The model is wearing a size Small.

Super Stretchy fabric.

Gold cross on top.



Our new collection “ARLO” is out now!

Our Newest collection “Arlo” is out now! Arlo means something that is strong, guarded and protected. One reason why we decided to put crosses on our designs is to give our customers a sense of protection. Many people wear cross necklaces to feel protected. So, we decided to incorporate that into our clothing. This collection was originally suppose to drop for Halloween. However, we pushed the date back because we wanted everything to be perfect. This drop was inspired by Christianity and how it is often times exploited during this holiday. Wether that be in movies, art, or books. Crosses are used to illustrate protection from evil.

Our customers confidence is also a number one priority for us. We still wanted to design this drop so it can be worn outside on a regular day no matter what time of year it is. No matter the inspiration we will still make sure to include that alluring sex appeal in our designs. Our brand represents lust and we love to make clothes that bring our customers confidence. After all we are a lingerie clothing brand. We were going for a sexy, emo, scary, church, dark and desirable vibe! Hope you enjoy:)